Robert Heinicke
Robert Heinicke

Software Developer and Architect since 2005

Hello, World!

I'm Robert Heinicke, a software developer and architect from Leipzig. My professional career consists of more than a decade of software development work layered on a long interest in programming starting in my early teens.

My view on software architecture differs from the usual Architect role by combining design work with implementation as part of the development team. This helps me to incorporate feedback and implementation challenges into future architeture designs. Thanks to this specific focus, I've been part of many projects in their early phases, helping with both designing novel solutions as well as implementing them.

Since September 2016 I'm leading a team of software architects at XPURE. My responsibilities include guiding technical discussions and training as well as organizational tasks.

Personal projects include building a quadcopter from scratch, an external keyboard for a space sim, and prototype lasertag equipment.

  • Born in 1983
  • Living in Leipzig
  • German Citizenship
  • Speaking German (native speaker) and English (C1)
  • Personal projects
  • XING

Education and Certification

English Courses (C2 Level)

ICC Sprachinstitut

Since February 2012

To improve and challenge my English skills, I've been participating in English courses offered by ICC. They have helped me to keep fluid in conversations during times when I was not part of international teams.

Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)

January 2012

I've been working in several agile teams as a developer. This practical experience is strenghened by my certification as a Professional Scrum Master I.

Diplom-Informatiker (Master of Science)

University of Leipzig

March 2008

I received the degree of Diplom-Informatiker from the University of Leipzig, Germany. The degree is comparable to a Master of Science in computer science. This is supplemented by a minor in Logic.

Professional Background

RIO at MAN Truck and Bus AG

Software Architect and Full-Stack Developer (Consultant)

Since October 2015

I am working as a full-stack software developer and architect on the design and implementation of a new fleet management platform called RIO and a new common platform within Volkswagen Truck and Bus together with MAN and Scania. The original cloud platform design was done by me. It has since been refined and matured together with a team of architects by Volkswagen. My areas in this project include designing, implementing and testing embedded applications, microservice backends, and a single page web application.

  • Java 8, JavaScript ES6, Python, C++
  • AWS, Ansible, Jenkins, GoCD
  • Maven, CMake
  • React, Redux
  • Jira, Confluence, SonarQube, Selenium
  • MQTT, AMQP, Apache Kafka
  • MongoDB, MySQL


Teamleader Architecture and Senior Software Architect

Since January 2016

I am leading a team of approx. nine software architects as well as working as software architect/developer at XPURE for several customers.

Besides the projects listed here individually, my responsibilities include leading a team of software architects, screening and interviewing candidates for our developer positions, and support writing proposals for new projects.

RPLAN at Actano GmbH

Full Stack Developer (Consultant)

April 2014 - September 2015

At Actano I was part of several Scrum teams to implement a rewrite of RPLAN as a web application. RPLAN enables customers to plan complex projects, especially in the automotive industry. The product is offered as a SaaS solution, hosted on ProfitBricks (a German cloud computing provider).

  • Javascript (ES5 and ES6)
  • NodeJS
  • ComponentJS, React, Webpack
  • Couchbase
  • Ansible, Jenkins, ProfitBricks, Chef
  • Selenium, Mocka, Chai

Circuit at Unify

Mobile Developer (Consultant)

July - October 2014

I helped implement a multi-channel communication tool called Circuit. My main focus was building the foundation to port the AngularJS based business logic of the web application part onto an embedded JS engine and connect it to the native Android UI.

  • Java, C++
  • AngularJS
  • Google V8
  • Android

Fleetboard at Daimler FleetBoard GmbH

Software Developer (Consultant)

December 2012

I created an example application, tutorial, and documentation on how to consume the existing backend web services for the professional services department of FleetBoard. Special care was taken to create a programmer friendly API of the existing SOAP interfaces in C#.

  • .Net 4.0, C#
  • SOAP WebServices

itSonix Custom Development GmbH

Full Stack Software Developer

May 2011 - October 2015

I worked on several projects for itSonix as a Software Developer and Architect. My focus was on boot-strapping new projects, designing the initial architecture or helping out when new challenges were met in existing code bases. Examples include a beat detection algorithmn for automatic generation of music videos based on a photo collection, a desktop fat-client to drive custom label printers and plotters, designing an ebook publishing platform, and modernizing an online payment platform.

  • .Net 4.0, C#, Java 8, PHP
  • SQLite, MySQL, RabbitMQ

webMethods Communicate at Software AG

Full Stack Software Developer

May 2009 - May 2011

I worked as a software developer on communication enabled business process management (CEBPM) including webMethods integration server, CAF and webMethods Communicate. My job included the design, implementation, and documentation of webMethods Communicate which was a new product to integrate telephony and SMS technology into webMethods to enable a fully integrated CEBPM experience in the webMethods suite.

  • .Net 4.0
  • C#, C++/CLI
  • Aculab Prosody X (telephony hardware, SIP, RTP and ETS 300)
  • Jenkins, Jira, Confluence
  • DocBook XML

Elsbeth Call Center Suite at IT Campus Software und Systemhaus GmbH

Full Stack Software Developer

August 2005 - April 2009

I worked as a software developer on the Elsbeth Call Center Suite, including predictive outbound dialling, workflow handling of incoming calls, frontend, voice recognition and speech analysis, and integration of telephony hardware/software. The solution was offered both on-premise and as a SaaS solution.

  • .Net 2.0 - .Net 4.0
  • C#, C++, C++/CLI, and Ruby
  • Nuance Recognizer (speech recognition software)
  • Aculab Prosody X (telephony hardware, SIP, RTP and ETS 300)
  • Jenkins, Jira, SmartBear TestComplete
  • WiX